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Welcome to CK Sports!

At CK Sports, we’re more than just a youth club—we’re a community that nurtures confident kids through organized recreational sports. Our mission is to empower kids through high-quality basketball and soccer classes, focusing on technical skill development, teamwork, positive habit building and confidence beyond the class!

Established since 2004, our mission has always been consistent. CK Sports delivers high-quality recreational programs in a fun, safe and educational environment. We use basketball and soccer classes to foster positive mindsets, boost self-confidence in the game and cultivate teamwork and leadership.

Our Story

Since 2004, CK Sports has been providing sports programs and camps for our community in Queens. Over the years we have offered a variety of classes including basketball, volleyball, soccer and swimming. CK Sports strives to promote youth wellness as well as develop compassionate, strong-minded, civic leaders for the 21st century. Check out our Instagram for pictures of our programs!

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Kids & Junior Basketball 

We Offer Basketball Classes for ALL Levels.

 Each Class is Thoroughly Designed for Different Ages and Levels.

  • Customized Classes Catering ALL Ages & Skill Levels

  • Flexible Scheduling (Tuesday - Saturday)

  • Scrimmages 

  • 1 hour sessions for Kids Basketball

  • 1 hour 30 min sessions for Junior Basketball

  • Registration is YEAR-ROUND enrollment

  • Private Indoor Gym 


Kids Soccer Class

All Kids Soccer Classes are designed for kids ages 6-10, providing a fun and non-competitive, environment. The focus is on fun, participation and fundamental skill-building.

  • Cultivate Fundamental Soccer Skills

  • Foster a Love for the Sport

  • Mini-games

  • 1 hour sessions

  • Registration is YEAR-ROUND enrollment

  • Private Indoor Gym

Contact Us to Schedule a Trial Session Today!

CK Sports provides a safe and highly experienced youth basketball and soccer program. All of our classes are taught by our experienced coaches who are passionate about working with youth for ALL levels ages 5-17. Check out our Class Schedules page for more information! 

Basketball & Soccer Classes Designed to Foster Growth in Technical and Developmental Skills While Having Fun!!!

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